Fact:  The summer barbeque is the ultimate get together. All through summer and spring we meet around the grill for good times spent with our nearest and dearest.

And the year's end brings us together in a similar way. We gather our loved ones from near and far. We celebrate with delicious, traditional, festive fare prepared with love. And presents. Presents showing our love and appreciation for one another.

Now, imagine these seasonal counterparts combined, making something even better? The classic festive feast meets the classic all-American BBQ. We’ll give you a moment to process the possibilities.

It’s a ‘Festive Season Barbeque.’ Yes, step away from the oven and light up the grill. What follows is the perfect holiday season barbeque menu.

A Sweet Start

During the holidays, what’s better than flapjacks on a chilly morning? Fluffy flapjacks topped with bacon and maple syrup, obviously. Or go healthier with strawberries and cream. Something compact and powerful, like our 2 Burner Griddle, is ideal for cooking up these delicate yet tasty delights. Festive flavors that will top off your flapjacks include ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and mint.

Time to grill.

Lunch for Legends

Has there ever been a more delicious word pairing than, “pulled pork?” Throw it on your favorite brioche, baguette or bagel or even a pizza. It’s the perfect midday meal for anyone who’s on top of their barbeque game. Get this pork to fall off the bone by lighting up and using our Kettle Grill for the cook. You don't even have to worry about keeping it clean, the removable ash catcher makes life so much easier. A cranberry sauce to top off your pulled pork dish will bring the festive feel.

Make it happen.

Steak Me Home Tonight

We know it’s not turkey but give the birds a break this year. This fillet steak with a mushroom sauce will have you craving more and more (and more). Grill it to perfection with our 6 Burner or 5 Burner Gas Grill. The oversized side tables are great for storing your utensils or ingredients as you cook, just control your nibbling as you go. Make it festive by adding some holiday veggie favorites like candied carrots, grilled butternut or sweet potato.

Mmm, let’s cook.


No matter the snow, the chill in the air or the frozen driveways. Remember to celebrate the spirit of together, made better.

Happy holidays from everyone at Megamaster.