Buying a grill is like buying a new car. Finding the perfect one for you can be tough. Okay, so you’re not grilling in your brand-new Porsche, but bear with us. Take into consideration how often you'll be using your grill, the type of meat you like to cook and how many hungry mouths you will be feeding.

What are you going to do with a tiny kettle grill if you are a family of ten with countless cousins? And why would you get a multi-burner fit for a king if you grill twice a year? Get it right the first time by getting to know our grills.

The Power Players:  6 Burner Gas Grill and 5 Burner Gas Grill

A big family needs a big grill. With our 6 and 5 burner grills, you get everything you need in a grill and more. The difference between the two is the heat output and the square inches of total grilling space, which is ideal for a devout griller or anyone wanting to feed an army of relatives and friends, and then some.

The battery-operated electronic ignition instantly fires up the burners, and the built-in thermometer enables precise temperature regulation. Get cooking immediately and serve up perfect dishes. The upper-level warming rack is the ideal place to keep your buns or food toasty. And finally, the oversized-side table offers the perfect prep station for a no-fuss kind of griller. Keep it simple, gather around the grill and enjoy the pleasure of spending some quality family time together.

The Classic:  Kettle Grill

We love the classic American pastime of grilling outdoors on sunny days with friends and loved ones. Cold beers, a winning playlist set the scene for our Kettle Grill. It’s quick to set up on a balcony, patio or wherever you find the space. It's even easier to maintain and designed to make any get-together even better.

Equipped with silicone handles for heat protection and removable ash catcher for an easy clean. Plus, a porcelain lid and bowl to retain heat, which complements and elevates the authentic charcoal grilling experience. Get that smoky grilled taste and be the host with the most. With the Megamaster Kettle Grill, it’s that easy.

The Crowd Pleaser:  2 Burner Griddle

Who said you can’t enjoy the flavor of grilled food while still eating healthy? Just because you’re “watching your figure” doesn’t mean you can’t cook up some tasty meals. Enjoy a friendlier, quicker style of cooking, where the pleasure of sharing a good meal with family and friends comes first, with the added bonus of available health benefits.

Our 2 Burner Griddle is remarkably easy to use and suitable for a wide range of ingredients. Use it at home every day, take it camping or take it along to your next get-together.

Why not start your day on a tasty note with a quick cook and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast? Or end your day with lean, healthier dishes like fresh fish tacos or Asian inspired stir-fry. The gas-heated griddle means ingredients never make direct contact with flames. Ingredients are “seized” keeping in all their flavor and goodness, while excess fat drains away into the easy to remove grease drip tray.


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