Whether you’ve served in the military, know someone who’s currently enlisted, sadly lost a loved one in the service or you’re just a proud American – Memorial Day is about remembrance and honoring the sacrifice those men and women made for our freedom.

Many people opt to go away for this special occasion and if you haven’t planned something by now, finding accommodation will be difficult.

However, there is no reason why you can’t still celebrate Memorial Day with your favorite people –after all, summer is just around the corner which means, it’s pretty much grilling season already.

Breakout The Grill

There’s a good chance that this is the first time firing up your grill since winter’s cold chased everyone indoors. So, if you’re a little rusty when it comes to hosting a barbecue, Memorial Day Weekend is just the opportunity to invite your friends and family around. Being an all-American occasion, there are several things you can do to make it even more memorable:

1. Make A Playlist

Create your own soundtrack to Memorial Day 2018. You can even ask your guests to contribute their favourite tracks lead- ing up to it, so everyone’s musical taste is catered for. Take it a step further, and introduce a theme, only songs about America, for instance. Another option is to take a shortcut and hit play on our MegaMix YouTube playlist.


2. Get The Kids Involved

If you have little ones attending, consider some activities that they can enjoy and maybe learn about Memorial Day. Have them draw pictures, sing songs or even pick flowers for the table to so they’re involved in the party proceedings. You can put the kids in charge of making an easy patriotic dessert – Red jelly, strawberries, cream and blueberries in a glass to represent the old red, white and blue.

3. Set Up A Photo Booth

In the age of the selfie, making or finding props to use in your photo booth can be a fun activity – even before the party starts! Make star-spangled cardboard photo frames, cut out poppy shapes or even blow up some balloons to add to your photo booth – and be sure to share the results with us on Instagram, @megamaster_usa.

4. Try The Mega Memorial Burger

What better way to pay tribute at a barbecue than with a good ol’ homemade burger, USA-style! Be sure to serve it with some traditional fries or onion rings. Another idea is to ask your guests to contribute condiments like extra gherkins or onion marmalade so that everyone can personalize their own Memorial Burgers.

5. Pay Your Respects

Whether you choose to lay flowers at your local cemetery, attend a social parade or observe a simple moment of silence before you tuck into your BBQ. It’s important to remember the sacrifices the men and women of service have made and share with younger party attendees why we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place.


So, whether you barbecue in the park, at the beach or in your own backyard, one thing is for sure that it's always togehter, made better.

Happy Memorial Day 2018!