There are many things in life that can make us happy. Whether we prefer cooking, being outdoors, listening to music or simply just relaxing, these things and many, many others have the potential to bring fulfilment to our lives.

As good as these things are, somehow they’re always just that much better when we’re able to share our enjoyment with others.

1. The Good and the Bad

Got a promotion? That’s good. Same thing for getting engaged. Or winning some money in the lottery.

Most people will automatically want to turn to the people that they love. Whether it’s your friends, colleagues or immediate family, you instantly want to tell the people you love so that they can share in your joy.

On the other side of the spectrum, when something bad happens, we will also turn to those same people for love, comfort and support, to help us through and to help make whatever it is a bit easier to deal with.


2. Some Science on the Matter

A lot of the time, we don’t even need a special occasion to get together. We simply just miss spending time with someone.

See, our brains and bodies are super smart organs that naturally produce hormones. These chemicals help us feel good (and bad) and to form bonds with other humans as a form of survival. Think about how it’s so important for babies to be held within the first few hours of their lives.

Forming bonds with people starts by spending time with each other - sharing moments, activities, experiences, ideas, goals and even something as simple as a single meal can help form long-lasting connections.

Now, when we love certain people and we’re around them, these chemicals go into overdrive, but when we miss them we feel deprived.

3. Bonding over Food

Studies show that sharing a meal together helps improve communication, strengthen ties between friends and even helps kids perform better academically.

Whether it’s a roast from the oven, burgers on the grill, a light salad lunch or sharing a take-out, there’s something sacre about taking the time to share a meal with those you love, because you’re not only feeding your body, but also your soul.

It means taking the time to appreciate and be grateful for those in your life, because even though life can be pretty terrific when we’re by ourselves, it’s simply better when we’re surrounded by those who make our good times even better.


At Megamaster we know a thing or two about the powerful simplicity of sharing our times and our experiences with others. So bring your friends and family and gather around your grill, because when we're together, it's just so much better.