We take a trip to Temecula in California and get together with Chef Austin Alexander to cook up something irresistible.

BlackBird Road Tripping Recipe Video

"This Megamaster Grill has everything I need."

We travelled to Temecula in California, USA to uncover the delicious and unpretentious BlackBird Tavern. From garlic noodles and short rib fries to hand-pressed burger patties and carefully crafted pizza, the food is as comforting as it is exquisite. 

Executive Chef Austin Alexander, a former EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) turned chef has been carving a name for the BlackBird Tavern and the food culture of Temecula. Living by the mantra of ‘you can’t make a good product unless you start with a good product’ – he prides himself on only using seasonal produce to create magnificent, flavorful dishes. 

As a creative person at heart, making food from scratch purely for positive reactions from the customers at Blackbird makes all the hard work worth it. Having been the executive chef at Blackbird for about a year, Austin has already made his mark on the food scene in Temecula and always ensures to put his own spin on familiar favourites. 

"My favourite part of cooking is the plating and making it look like something you want to dig into."



The California lifestyle of poolside, barbecues and enjoying the sunshine outdoors is a big part of Austin’s love for grilling anything, which was a big inspiration for his dish. Using seasonal goods, he wanted to introduce people to new flavors, but still using familiar elements.


The New York Strip steak, seasoned and left to rest to soak in the salt, topped with the Chimichurri beans, a fragrant addition to the already immaculate steak. The Delicata squash retains its natural sweetness – thinly sliced, lightly blanched and finished off with a good char from the 5 Burner Grill.

"This Megamaster Grill has everything I need. You don’t need all these bells and whistles to make great food."

Each element on the plate is expertly seasoned and executed to perfection, providing a window into Austin’s experience and skills as a chef. 



What’s great about barbecuing is that you don’t need years of training to grill something to perfection. So why not surprise yourself. Get out there, surround yourself with friends and family and tantalize your taste-buds with this exceptional Chef Austin Alexander creation. 

Together, made better with Megamaster.


12 oz New York Strip Recipe

Megamaster together with chef Austin Alexander at Blackbird in Temecula, California, making New York Strip taste even better.