Whether you’re hosting or heading to barbecue you can be sure there will be a pantheon of characters. We curated a list of who you would normally encounter at any given BBQ. We also included where you’ll most likely find them and how to deal with them. Some are good, some are okay and some are so terrible you wonder why you keep inviting them in the first place.

The Meat Master

Usually whoever oversees the grill. They’ll be wielding dual tongs and a spatula under the arm. Somehow they’re seasoning, searing, sampling, and telling a riveting story all at once. You don’t have to do anything except keep their drink refreshed and let them do their thing.

Where you’ll spot them: At the grill, duh.

The Backseat Griller

No matter how proficient the cook is, the backseat griller feels the need to oversee all the grilling. He’ll be commenting on the temperature and timing of everything down to the second, letting you know when you should flip anything or leave it a bit longer. If the Meat Master is getting visibly irate, run interference with a new topic the backseat griller can dish endless opinions about.

Where you’ll spot them: Also at the grill.

The Woo Girl

She’s loud, brash and has no social filter. If she does, she’s turned it off and doesn’t have a care in the world. And just wait until her favorite song comes on.  She’s there to have a good time, and so are you. So point her to the dance floor and let the life of the party do her thing.

Where you’ll spot them: Trying to get everyone dancing.

The Healthy Eater

There is always one guest on the latest fad diet, making it impossible for them to eat half the ingredients on offer. Don’t shame them over their endless dieting. In this image obsessed world, have pity for calorie counters. And keep some raw, organic fruit and veggies on hand.

Where you’ll spot them: Examining the salads.

The Plus One

No one knows who they are, but they must have arrived with someone, right? Strangers are only strangers because you aren’t friends yet. This is a fine opportunity to add a new friend to your group. Everyone is a little awkward when they meet a group of new people for the first time. Go out of your way to make them feel welcome and part of the group.

Where you’ll spot them: Hovering awkwardly on the outskirts of the group discussion.

The Wannabe DJ

Their song choices are obscure and do nothing for the mood.  And judging by the sounds of them, you know exactly why they’re not popular. Make a deal with them they have to play at least two songs most people know for every one of their songs. And try steer them away from experimental ambient death metal.

Where you’ll spot them: Hogging the AUX cord.

The Former Jock

He's just arrived from another barbecue and hasn’t stopped talking about his high school championship football game. He’s determined to tell everyone about his glory days. No point in trying to stop him so let the good times roll. Just direct him to the yard games.

Where you’ll spot them: Trying to organize a game of flag football.

The One with the Kids

They were fortunate enough to bring life into the world, and now they brought that life to your barbecue. We know, finding a babysitter is hard, but letting your kids loose on a friend’s BBQ is no Bueno. Bring toys or some other form of entertainment for the kids.

Where you’ll spot them: Not with their kids.