The summer holidays are here! So, it’s inevitable that you’ll be getting together with your favorite people.

The warm sunshine, laid back holiday moods and general cheerfulness in the air entices us to have impromptu barbecues or even play host to larger, pre-planned events – because, how else are we going to see all those people in such a amount of time, right?

When planning a larger-scale party, it’s hard to keep everyone entertained simultaneously. For instance, what’s exciting for the little ones might be too childish for teens or of no interest to adults. So, how can you make your summer together a better experience?


Well, as professional grillers and party starters, there are a few tricks that we use to keep everyone happy. So, consider these suggestions:

Hey Mr. DJ - 900 seconds

Ideal for adult-only parties or even with teenagers present, this activity is something you must stipulate beforehand, so that your guests can be prepared.

Each guest must bring their favorite music on a flash-drive, that equates to 900 seconds (15 minutes). Setup your laptop or music system and let the timer tick down! Sure, you might cringe at what your moody teenager will put on, but it’s only 15 minutes of your life and who knows, you could discover your new favorite band.
By doing this, you’re not only opening yourself up to new musicians and bands but it can also be conversation starter, especially for people who are not familiar with everyone else – together – made better, right?


DIY Kebabs

Just like the baker box, you can start an assembly line for kebabs, with a wide selection of freshly cut veg and proteins at the ready to be skewered. Kids can pick and choose what vegetables and proteins they use and what order they go in. With an array of dipping sauces, brought by willing guests, each kebab can be grilled to perfection and who knows, you could find yourself tasting something unique. Certainly an ideal way for starters and desserts (marshmallows anyone?)

Garden Games

So, we don’t all have access to a pool, but there are other ways to entertain everyone.Baseball, tag football, horseshoe and cornhole toss are just some of the exciting games that you can pick up in-store at a reasonable price, equating to hours of fun!

Put teens and parents against each other or pair up with new guests as a way to break the ice. Consider basing the whole grill around this event as a tournament. Each player puts in a certain amount and you play several round robins, until there is only one winner who takes the pot.

You can even make a little trophy to award the winner.


With a few tricks up your sleeve and a stylish Megamaster unit to do the work, you could easily host the next "big event".

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